Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Ideal Applicants:

  • Have a minimum of 6 years of experience in the online payments industry
  • Have a well-rounded knowledge of current technologies and engineering practices, and keep up to date with latest developments
  • Posses extensive knowledge of relevant technologies; well informed in server-side/back-end technologies; particularly Java 8, Spring, Hibernate, and you are comfortable with using frontend technologies like Angular JS 2, React JS etc.   
  • Are familiar with microservices and tools associated with such an architecture –Kafka, Zookeeper, Docker etc.  
  • Are of a delivery-mindset; you set high-standards for yourself in your work but are pragmatic and able to balance the various constraints involved in delivering software to produce satisfactory results in a timely fashion  
  • Are practitioner of test-driven development using JUnit, Mockito (or similar), and Jest or Mocha
  • Can effectively communicate ideas with technical or non-technical stakeholders  
  • Embrace core Agile values and you have strong team spirit

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